Honeybee Wraps Reuseable Food Wrap

March 22, 2016

Honeybee Wraps Reuseable Food Wrap

I have been using reusable beeswax food wraps for over a year now and absolutely love that I don’t need to keep cling film and all its chemicals in my cupboard. My current favourites are these from ‘Honeybee Wraps’, handmade in the hills behind Byron Bay using low impact dyes, certified organic cotton and gorgeous funky fabric designs – they are super cool!! 








Made from 100% organic cotton and organic beeswax, coconut and jojoba oils, they are the perfect alternative to plastic for wrapping food - safe, non-toxic and eco friendly. 

Honeybee Wraps Reusable Natural Beeswax Food WrapsThey are infused with natural tree gum and have antibacterial properties. These Honeybee wraps just take it to the next level. I wrap everything in them to keep food fresher for longer..spring onion, celery, cheese. I have customers who wrap their bread with them. Perfect for covering bowls with leftovers. The large one fits perfectly over salad bowls, so great for taking to friends for dinner.    They have been a hit at my market stall, the most popular being the 3 pack with small, medium & large sizes. (please note they are not recommended for raw meat).  They are so simple to use, gently mould them using the heat of your hands to the shape of what your wrapping, to seal the bowl etc. Once used, give them a rinse under warm water with a mild eco friendly detergent (I can recommend Ecologic ).


Honeybee Wrap Size Guide

  • Small (19cmx20cm)  Wrap end of veggies e.g. cucumber, half an avocado / onion or to cover a small jug.  
  • Medium (28cmx29cm)  Wrap a block of cheese, a sandwich, a bunch of herbs. The most versatile size and perfect for kid's lunches.  
  • Large (34cmx33cm)   Wrap large salad bowls, a plate of leftovers, lunches, fruit and veg.  
  • Extra Large (47cmx40cm)   Wrap a bunch of celery, kale, shallots, or a large loaf of bread to keep your food fresher for longer.

Honeybee Wraps Reusable Natural Beeswax Food Wraps