Tips For Keeping Healthy This Festive Season

December 13, 2017

Tips For Keeping Healthy This Festive Season

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy and a wonderfully abundant 2018

I know this is an extremely busy time of the year but I just want to thank everyone for all their wonderful support and positive feedback throughout the year.  THANK YOU!

I have put together some tips for keeping healthy and enjoying the festive season.


  • Don’t skip meals:  When we skip meals we get super hungry and go for the foods we shouldn’t be eating.
  • Keep up the water:  Try to drink a couple of litres a day and more if you are drinking alcohol.  Your liver will thank you for it.  NB. Lemon and warm water first thing in the morning is a great cleansing drink.
  • Eat something before you go out:  There will be less temptation to go for the unhealthy options. 
  • Try to do some form of exercise.  If your exercise routine goes out the window try to fit in a few walks.
  • Avoid sugary soda drinks:  They are full of sugar and have no nutritional value.... just an empty calorie drink.  Just remember the diet drinks are worse they are full of toxic artificial sweeteners.
  • Relaxation and Sleep:  Both are so important and what a great way to enjoy your time off.  Try to have some down time and make the most of this special time with your family and friends. 
  • Include protein in every meal:  For example meat, eggs, nuts and beans.  This will keep you full for longer and help with keeping your blood sugar levels stable.
  • Remember home cooking is Way better than any takeaway meal:  Eating a homemade hamburger is much better for you than buying one from a restaurant.
  • Keep your plates loaded up with beautiful vegetables:  There won't be much room to have anything else! 
  • Keep up your Vitamin D and get out there and enjoy that beautiful sunshine