A Smart Way to Buy Collagen Hydrolysate in Australia
Collagen hydrolysate is one of the many products you’ve probably heard of, seen in your local Whole Foods, or even looked up. We know beef gelatin can do good things for us—but what exactly is collagen, and how does it work?
Collagen hydrolysate: what it is, and how it works
If you’ve ever bought an anti-ageing skin cream, you may have noticed collagen hydrolysate in the list of active ingredients. You may also have seen the very same beef gelatin in the ingredients list of a packaged pudding. If you don’t know exactly what collagen is or how it works, this may seem incongruous—but believe it or not, the two do contain at least one of the same ingredients. This article will run you through exactly what collagen is and how it works—and tell you just where to find it.
Collagen is a protein that you already have in your body right now. In fact, you have a great deal of collagen—it’s the most abundant protein that humans produce. Collagen is responsible for the structure of your body, meaning it holds together your muscles, tendons, and bones. There’s almost no part of you that doesn’t contain some collagen—even your skin, hair and nails need collagen to hold together and function. Because collagen is naturally so prevalent in your body, it has a broad range of uses as a supplement.
Where (and why) you could buy collagen hydrolysate or beef gelatin
Collagen hydrolysate or beef gelatin is the kind of collagen you could buy in a health store. It is bovine in origin, meaning it comes from cows. Because collagen is such a unique and important protein in the human body, taking collagen supplements of any kind has an astonishing list of possible benefits.
The first way you might encounter collagen is a topical cream, often for your eye area. Collagen plays a huge part in keeping your skin elastic. The more elastic your skin is, the more it can stretch with your movements—and the smoother it remains. Anti-wrinkle and smoothing functions are particularly popular in places with lots of sunshine (sound familiar, Australia?).
You can also find collagen in capsule form, to be taken as an oral supplement. Unlike topical collagen applications such as hand cream which target specific areas, this kind of capsule collagen will be distributed throughout your body. Every part of your body from tip to toe will get a healthy dose of collagen—and many areas could feel the benefits. Capsule collagen hydrolysate could make your nails and hair grow longer and break less often, and—just as in cream form—smooth out wrinkles in sensitive areas. The benefits are far more than cosmetic, however. Collagen distributed widely in this way has also been shown to repair joint damage and reduce joint pain.
If you’re looking for a place to buy some collagen hydrolysate in Australia, look no further—the internet has your answer. Dandelion Eco Store is an online health store with a huge stock of products—beef gelatin included. Hop online, take a look at Dandelion’s stock and see if collagen hydrolysate is the product for you.

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