Amberbebe Baltic Amber Necklace

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Amberbebe Baltic Amber Necklace is made from genuine Baltic Amber and hand-crafted by specialists with generations of experience working with this unique and rare material.

Classified amongst healing crystals and gemstones, Baltic amber is actually fossilised tree resin which has been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since Neolithic times. It has long been used in folk medicine for its purported healing properties, and is effective in soothing the teething pains of babies and toddlers.

Amber is best worn directly on the skin which will naturally absorb the oils of the amber resin, which is said to transmute negative energies into positive energies. Every Baltic amber necklace features carefully polished and softly rounded Baltic amber beads which lay comfortably against your skin, allowing for maximum skin contact and comfort.

Common colours range from pale yellows to dark browns. Colours of amber may vary slightly to the photos.

Sizes: Adults Necklace 44cm, Childrens Necklace 33cm

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