Beta-Mune GSMB formula

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Beta-Mune GSMB formula is one of the most exciting findings in human nutrition/health supplements in recent years. GSMB stands for German Supercharged Micro-Encapsulated Immune Enhancer with Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan. (Important - not solely Beta 1,3-6 Glucan but with the addition of Beta 1,3-6 Glucan).

The GSMB-Formula is manufactured exclusively in Germany using a patented and very complex extraction and purification process based on the latest biotechnology and innovative manufacturing techniques.

The GSMB-Formula is the result of two decades of costly research by German and international scientists and university professors. On the search for the best natural immune stimulants, more than ten million dollars were spent. Research and studies are on going at top universities and medical clinics in Europe.

More than ten years ago, the scientific activities in Germany regarding immune-enhancers focused more and more on a few natural occuring immune stimulants which may be extracted directly from nature. One of these immune stimulants was a certain polysaccharide molecule, called Beta-D-1,3-1,6-Glucan which may be extracted from the cell walls of baker`s yeast.

The main problem the scientists had to face is the fact that there are many different Betaglucans and great variations in potency and efficacy. A lot of Betaglucans are even not able to activate the immune system.

Many years were spent to find and define the right Betaglucan, which guarantees highest potency and efficacy. Not only the specific molecular structure is critical, but also the right extraction process. The molecule must be protected against acidity in the stomach, which was achieved by a unique micro-encapsulation process. And last but not least, after many studies the best purification window of the substance was defined thereby ensuring maximum activity. Since the year 2002, other new Germany-developed molecules and catalysts are added to the Betaglucan compound, which activate even more immune competent cells and make the end product unique worldwide.

Considered now the strongest immune stimulator in the world, the GSMB-Formula is specifically and purposely designed to start a cascade of positive immune reactions in the body. GSMB is designed to do everything that Betaglucan or other immune enhancers can do do it quicker, do it more efficiently and do it with more benefits to the human body.

100% German Longchain beta-1,3-1,6 D-glucan (Saccaromyces Cerevisiae)
Natural Food Supplement

Size: 150g

Category: Immune Support, Supplements

Type: Unknown Type

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