DoTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil - Beadlets

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Not only are Peppermint Beadlets convenient, but also they are an easy way to carry your peppermint oil in a non-messy gelatin form. You can deliver the same results of peppermint oil in a handy clean way.

Some great uses for theses beadlets in your everyday life are:

  • Too much garlic at dinner? Pop a few beadlets for fresh breath.
  • Soothe a headache: break a beadlet between your fingers and rub on your temples to ease a headache.
  • Motion sickness got you down? Break a few beadlets and rub below your nose and smell.
  • Use the beadlet in the morning to awake your senses.
  • Digestive discomfort? Indigestion or heartburn? Swallow a few beadlets or break the beadlets and rub on your stomach or chest and feel the pain dissipate.

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