Kuvings Whole Slow Cold Pressed Juicer - B6000

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The Kuvings Whole Slow Cold Pressed Juicer is an exciting innovation in cold-press juicing technology. It's designed with a larger feeding tube and can press and squeeze whole fruit and vegetables, eliminating the need for any chopping and lengthy preparation. Ideal for soft and pulpy fruit, hard and fibrous vegetables and leafy greens.

The key innovation in Kuvings’ Whole Fruit juicer is the 3 x 3” large feeding tube. Wide enough to fit whole apples, oranges, pears, tomatoes and even celery bunches, the new feeding tube cuts down on prep time but also increases juice yield: fruit and vegetables with a high water content no longer lose any of their juice on the chopping board. Another benefit of juicing produce whole is minimising nutrient and flavour loss through reduced oxidation and air exposure.

At 54 RPM, the Kuvings Whole Slow Cold Pressed Juicer requires very few revolutions to extract maximum yield. The slow motor and large patented juicing screw combine to gently squeeze and break down the cell walls of your fresh ingredients, releasing nutrients that flow freely into the juice with minimal friction and preserved nutritional benefits.

The juice outlet on the bowl is equipped with a detachable smart cap - the cap can be kept closed during juicing to enable the juice from different fruit and vegetables to mix, and be dispensed on demand.

Kuvings Whole Slow Cold Pressed Juicer is easy to clean - simply close the smart cap, pour water down the chute and let the rotating wiper blades do the cleaning for you! Once the bowl has been flushed, the juicer comes apart quickly and only requires a quick rinse under the tap.

Benefits of cold pressed juicing:

The most beneficial factor of a cold press juicer is the way it gently presses fruits and vegetables rather than high speed grinding and chewing. Cold pressing your fruit and vegetables helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact and alive. These valuable enzymes transform the juice into liquid that helps your digestion; assisting the body to absorb the nutrients, effectively boosting your energy level and immune system, and can also assist in healing your cells for good health.

  • 3 x 3” large feeding tube design for whole fruit/vegetables
  • No preparation time required for your fresh produce.
  • Improved taste, yield and nutritional profile.
  • Large juicing bowl fitted with the smart cap.
  • BPA free materials.
  • Easy to clean.

Product details:
Model number: B6000 (whole fruit/big mouth model)
Dimensions: 228 mm x 208 mm x 484 mm
Weight: 6.4 kg
Voltage: AC220-240V
Consumption: 248 W
Speed: 54 RPM
Maximum Use: 30 mn continuous
Warranty: 20 Year Warranty (Motor), 5 Year Warranty (Parts and Labour)

Colour: Black/Silver

Category: Eco Home, Juicer

Type: Juicer