Sili Squeeze with Spill-proof Spout (118ml/4oz)

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The Sili Squeeze with Spill-proof Spout is a reusable squeeze pouch. The Sili Squeeze original pouches have a spill-proof nipple spout suitable for beginner eaters and toddlers.

The Sili Squeeze™ is a litter-less lunch must-have!  The Sili Squeeze™ provides children with a safe and eco-friendly way to enjoy homemade baby food, healthy smoothies and readymade favourites like yoghurt and fresh fruit purees.

While disposable pouches may be on-trend right now, The Sili Squeeze™ is the future of saving the planet with reusable, easy-to-use, easy-to-wash, innovative design that can be refilled and enjoyed from the time your child takes his or her first bites, throughout their years of school lunches and sports activities.

• The body of the Sili Squeeze™ is 100% medical food grade safe silicone
• Safe and eco-friendly way to enjoy homemade baby food or ready made favourites like yoghurt or fresh fruit puree on the go.
• Reuseable, easy to wash & easy to use
• Perfect for beginning eaters and toddlers (6+ months)
• practical, intelligently designed and affordable
• Eco friendly and BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free

At The Sili Company, convenience does not trump health or an eco-conscious way of living. The Sili Squeeze™ is practical, intelligently designed and affordable. Parents do not have to sacrifice wholesome eating or eco-conscious decisions while traveling and feeding their families; the Sili Squeeze™ allows portable, on-the-go eating to maintain these important ways of life.