SuperHealth Tonic Cafe Herbal Coffee Alternative 200g

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SuperHealth Tonic Cafe is an uplifting combination of tonifying herbs that support kidney and liver functions, whilst also nourishing your adrenal and immune systems. Completely caffeine free, SuperHealth Tonic Cafe is an excellent coffee alternative.

Suggested use: Place 1 - 4 teaspoons of SuperHealth Tonic Cafe (depending how strong you like it) into a cup of hot spring water. Let it brew for 2 minutes, serve black or you can add your favourite nut milk. The fine powder in the bottom of the cup may be consumed if you wish.

Gluten free

Certified organic

GMO free

Australian made

Ingredients: Roasted Chicory Root*, Roasted Dandelion Root*, Reishi*, Cordyceps*, Agaricus Blazei*, Shitake*, Maitake*, Coriolus Versicolor*, Chaga*, Carob*, Shilajit, Vanilla*

*certified organic

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