Ultra Blend Superior Intestinal Flora

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Ultra Blend Superior Intestinal Flora contains a blend of Bifidobacterium and Bacillus Natto and is designed to replenish the friendly bacteria. It contains human isolate friendly bifidobacterium longum bacteria. It is not cultured through yoghurt, soy or other bacteria.

Ultra Blend is enhanced by the presence of bacillus subtilis which ingests harmful bacteria in the colon. Both bifidobacterium longum and bacillus subtilis stimulate natural enzyme production and activity to improve assimilation of nutrients, maintain a healthy immune function and reduce inflammation in the colon. Ultra Blend helps maintain healthy bowel function

 • Maintain's a healthy balance of Candida Albicans within the human body.

• Improves intestinal flora and maintains a healthy ph in the digestive tract

• Inhibits the growth of bad bacteria

• Promotes overall digestive health and comfortable digestion

• Supports a healthy immune system

• Promotes healthy bowel function

Size: 100g

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